Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Java web frameworks - Which one to choose?

There is something impossible to do these days: choose a Java web framework. Is more a taste question than a technology question. And that's annoying. It makes the competence (read .NET) more easy to adopt. Which one of them must we follow for changes? In my opinion:

  • Shale JavaServer Faces based.
  • Wicket Web modelling... in java.
  • Stripes Classic MVC, but with almost zero configuration.
  • Seam EJB 3.0 based and a little too much JBOSS based.

Update: With the new Seam 1.1 it's possible to use POJOs outside an EJB 5.0 server. Even with Tomcat.


Ale Sarco said...

I agree with this list. As a matter of fact, I'm planning to ditch Struts in favour of Stripes in my applications anytime soon.

Matt Dowell said...

I have been using Struts2 (WebWork) for the last few years, on several projects, and it is the best one (easiest to use and develop with) I have ever used.

neuro said...

For WebWork or (the same now) Struts2:Action